Foundation at your school

Children learning about weather

All Foundation Phase programmes cover the seven areas of learning to offer teachers a complete package of activities to support their teaching. 

Choose between a day of challenge workshops, shows or Planetarium sessions in Techniquest's portable, inflatable Starlab. Whichever you decide to book, each option offers a highly interactive experience for all pupils, plus pre- and post-visit support resources.

All programmes are designed to encourage pupils to learn through investigation, discussion, and collaboration.  Pupils must identify, collect and organise information in order to answer questions and complete challenges. 

School visits are organised over the telephone so that on the day teachers can simply focus on the learning experience.

For information on costs of Techniquest programmes delivered at your school please ring
029 2047 5476 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

  • Starlab — now with fulldome high quality digital projection.

    Now, your pupils can see the stars as never before as they take a close up look at the Solar System.
    With the new digital projector, your pupils will be immersed in the fulldome experience in this spectacular 360° Planetarium — without leaving school!

    Techniquest’s Starlab is a mobile, inflatable planetarium that brings the night sky to your school hall. It can be set up in under thirty minutes and easily deflated to accommodate other uses of the hall during the day.

    Techniquest’s highly experienced presenters can tailor shows to the ages, abilities and prior knowledge of pupils, as well as your educational needs and interests. If there is any particular aspect of astronomy you would like the presenter to focus on during the sky tour, whether it is science or mythology, planets or stars, feel free to discuss this when booking the show or with your presenter prior to the show.

    • Show length: 30–40 minutes
    • Maximum class size: 30 pupils
    • Maximum of 6 sessions per day
    • Requires: 4.2m headroom, 7.5m x 7.5m floor space and 240v ac mains power supply.

    I Spy in the Sky

    Come and join Delyth the dragon as she explores the night sky. Play dot-to-dot with the stars to find animal constellations and hear their stories. Why do we have night and day? Can you spot any planets amongst the stars? How is the Moon different from the Earth and what makes the Sun so special? What will you choose to discover?

  • Interactive Shows

    Child playing with a Techniquest exhibitInvite Techniquest into to your school and transform your hall into a Science Theatre! With a variety of shows covering a wide range of topics, Techniquest’s presenters bring Maths and Science classes to life with animated experiments! Shows encourage pupils to question ideas, think independently, and stimulate an interest in Science and Maths.

    Each show is designed to support the teaching of the Curriculum for Wales. All props and materials are provided by Techniquest, and post-visit resources, which offer extended teaching information and ideas for further classroom activities are available.

    • Session length: 35 minutes
    • Maximum class size: 30 pupils
    • Maximum of 4 sessions per day

    Body Bother

    Suitable for years 1 & 2.
    Delyth’s naughty little cousin Dilwyn is sick. Can you help Delyth work out what is the matter with him? Investigate the different parts of the body, exploring what could be making Dilwyn feel so unwell. Discover what is beneath your skin and learn the names of organs and how they keep you healthy. Has Dilwyn been eating too many sweets? Help Delyth to design a healthy lunch for him so that he won’t get a tummy ache again!

    Materials Mystery

    Suitable for years 1 & 2.
    Delyth the dragon visits Dragon Island only to find her cousin Dilwyn has gone missing! As Delyth sets off through the jungle to find him, she needs your help to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Can you help her to explore natural and man-made materials and solve problems that get in her way? Help Delyth find the cave before Rugworse the Terrible returns to eat up Dilwyn for his tea!

    Music Maker

    Suitable for reception class and years 1 & 2.
    Wicked Prince Slywarp hates music and wants to cast a spell so that everyone forgets music forever! Can you help Delyth to save music in Wales by exploring different types of music and sounds? Learn to describe and identify different sounds, and work out how to play unusual instruments. Help Delyth make lots of noise so that the Prince’s spell won’t work! Crack the musical code to get into the castle. Can you find a way to change the castle locks and chase the Prince away?

    Night Lights

    Suitable for reception class and years 1 & 2.
    Help our friendly dragon, Delyth, explore day and night, light, shadows and reflection — helping her friend Hywel the hedgehog along the way.

    This 30 minute show explores light, shadow and reflection through story telling in our mobile dome and introduces pupils to the stars in the night sky. The show builds on pupils’ skills and knowledge to explore light and darkness. The show links with the ‘Myself and non-living things’ in the curriculum.

    NB. Please note that as this show is presented in a dome it can only be delivered alongside the KS2 Show Light Fantastic and cannot be delivered alongside any other programme.

    Party Maths

    Suitable for years 1 & 2.
    Delyth’s friends want to throw her a birthday party, but they need your help! Can you use your maths skills to work out the best time for the party and create exciting party games for the decorations? Make sure there are enough biscuits, marshmallows and sandwiches for all of Delyth’s guests, and work out how much the shopping will cost. What coins will you need to spend and what change will you get? Become part of a human bar chart and arrange a seating plan so everyone has the best time at the party!


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