The Crunch

The Crunch is an exciting year of activities, experiences and discussions about our food, our health and our planet.


Techniquest is a partner in The Crunch, created by the Wellcome Trust. Through The Crunch we want to help people think about how our food, our health and our planet are all interconnected. By examining our relationships with food, and exploring cutting edge research, we can think about how we can eat in ways that can keep our planet and ourselves healthy. Read more information about the project here.

Pedal The Crunch Bike to power a blender and find out how to turn leftover fruit and veg into delicious healthy drinks.

  • Use a magnet to find out how much iron is in your breakfast
  • Discover more about the type of dried insects that are eaten for protein in other parts of the world. You can even try one if you want to!

Come and see us at:

Illustration of The Crunch bike
1 October Newport Food Festival

The Crunch Ambassadors

Build new skills, meet inspiring people and get free resources to use in your community!
Find out how you can become an Ambassador for The Crunch.

Play the game

Have you played Hungry City yet? Join Ethi and Cal to help feed a city with delicious, healthy, locally grown food, and save the inhabitants from the Lord of the Fries!

Hungry City graphic

Created by Wellcome Trust

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