The Science Capital


What is science capital?

Science capital is a concept which gives valuable insight into why and how some people participate in and engage with STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) related experiences — and why some do not.

Science capital itself is a measure of your engagement or relationship with science, how much you value it and whether you feel it is ‘for you’ and connected to your life.

It highlights the significance of what you know about science, how you think about it, what (science related activities) you do and who you know in shaping attitudes and feelings about STEM.

Everyone’s science capital is different. It is not fixed, it can change across a lifetime and the more that you engage in positive science experiences, the more potential there is over time, to impact on and grow your science capital.

Science and innovation is crucial in modern society. It has the power to change the way we live our lives and is integral to our future.

What’s the relevance of this to Techniquest?

At Techniquest, we want to grow people’s science capital. By growing science capital in individuals and the communities of Wales, we can help more people to see science as an important part of their lives and culture, which will help broaden opportunities and access for STEM-related jobs in the future.

We have plans to radically transform our science discovery centre in Cardiff Bay. The project, called The Science Capital, encompasses an extension of our current building on Stuart Street and a repositioning exercise to extend and diversify our audiences.

The proposed extension will almost double Techniquest’s footprint, providing an additional 70% of exhibition space to house brand new innovative content related to, and developed with, Welsh STEM innovators, academics and communities.

The content will explore — through exhibitions and programming — how STEM and innovative technologies are shaping the future of our society.

What do we hope to achieve through The Science Capital?

Through The Science Capital, we aim to:

  • Make science accessible to all, highlight the role it plays in everyday lives and the prominence STEM research and innovation has in Wales.
  • Inspire the public to think differently about STEM, helping them to find greater relevance in STEM and feel inspired to make positive decisions about their careers, pastimes and subject choices.
  • Become the trusted voice of science communication in Wales and the preferred partner for communicating science to the public.

Partnering with us…

We are looking to work inclusively with new and existing partners on The Science Capital.

We want to reach out to and engage with community groups, schools, academia, public and private organisations.

In return for supporting us, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Tell your story, engage with and inspire hundreds of thousands of adults and young people across Wales and beyond
  • Showcase the work of your organisation and the difference it is making to people’s lives
  • Encourage and influence the future generation of innovators
  • Corporate visibility through branding on marketing, content and PR materials.

We are at the start of a really exciting journey and hope that you will follow us, support us and collaborate with us on this journey.

Please get in touch if anything you read above sparks your interest as we’d love to talk to you:





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  •   What is Techniquest?

    Techniquest is an educational charity, with a science centre in Cardiff Bay. Our mission is to embed science in Welsh culture through interactive engagement. We provide a range of services to schools and teachers to complement formal education provision in Wales and work extensively with public audiences.

  •   Where can I park?

    We are pleased to be able to offer all of our visitors discounted parking with Q-Park, our preferred parking partner.

    The Q-Park operates the Cardiff Bay car park in Pierhead Street which is around 8 minutes walk from Techniquest.

    We have agreed a special discount rate for our customers of 15% off all pre-bookings.
    Pre-book and guarantee your space here using the code techniquest.

    There are also nearby pay-and-display car parks on Stuart Street and Havannah Street. Please do not park on Havannah Street itself.

  •   Who is it for?

    Techniquest is suitable for all ages! We do have special events for certain groups, however — see Toddler Days, After Hours and Home Educator days.

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