Exhibit: Tower of Brahma

Move the tower of discs from one end peg to the other in as few moves as possible.

A simplified version of the mythical Tower of Brahma (sometimes called the Tower of Hanoi). According to legend, when the god Brahma created the Earth he made sixty four golden discs of different sizes and placed them, largest first, on a diamond peg. Two more pegs were placed alongside and the temple priests were charged with the task of transferring all the discs to another peg. They could move only one disc at a time and were not allowed to place a larger disc upon a smaller one. The completion of the task would herald the end of the Universe.

One disc can be transferred in a single move. Two discs in 3 moves,  three discs in 7 moves,  four discs in 15 moves,  five discs in  31 moves and six discs in 63 moves.