Launching Techniquest Connect!

After hard work behind the scenes, and research and development with local community groups, we are happy to announce the launch of Techniquest Connect: our new banner which covers all engagement and supporter activities. Born out of an aim to be relevant and engaging for everyone in Wales, and supported by our new Science Capital expansion, there are opportunities for everyone to get involved.


Influence of the Science Capital project

Techniquest’s £5.5m Science Capital project has been granted to extend the educational charity’s current building to create an additional 900m2 of exhibition floor space.


The extension will help to radically transform the UK’s longest running science centre, increasing its footprint by 60% to house brand new innovative content related to, and developed with, Welsh STEM innovators, academics and communities.


The scheme will also include a new vibrant public entrance, café and shop and a dedicated community space.


The project will make science more accessible to the people of Wales, diversify our audience and increase visitor numbers. It will open to the public by Summer 2020.


What is Techniquest Connect?

Techniquest Connect supports our aims of building science capital in our communities.



What does the Connect brand include?

The Connect brand is split into two elements, one being our collaboration and co-curation work with the local community and the other, being how individuals and businesses can support Techniquest.


As a charity we are reliant on our community of generous supporters to keep offering engaging science education and participation work. Over a third of our running costs each year need to be raised from grants, donations and sponsorship. Whether this is a £100,000 grant from a major foundation or a few pounds donated over the phone when you’re buying a ticket to visit Techniquest, it all makes a real difference.


The Support Us area of the site will be the first point of contact for anyone who wants to play a role in supporting their local science centre. Some of the ways you can help are through our Friends of Techniquest membership scheme, where you receive all the latest behind-the-scenes news; making a one off donation to support our outreach work; or leaving a legacy in your will to allow future generations to benefit from science education.


It is also an exciting time for businesses to join our journey, with sponsorship opportunities coming up through the building expansion and new exhibits due to arrive Summer 2020. Our new Corporate Membership Scheme is launching in the coming months, providing levels and options to suit your business. In the meantime, we welcome discussion on how we can work with your business to achieve our shared aims.


Our aim is to make science more accessible, whilst also creating projects that are of, by and for our communities. Through various methods of engagement, Techniquest will become a centre that reflects the diversity of our visitors.



The engagement element of the website will touch on our current and completed projects that have been designed, by and of the community. It will also include information on how we’ll be using Techniquest’s new community space, the work we’re doing with various groups through Participatory Action Research (PAR) and our new opportunity for community exhibit hire.


We have recently launched our Volunteer Programme, which will increase participants’ skills and opportunities as well as providing the tools to become STEM ambassadors


We hope the launch of the Connect banner of the website will help us to engage with new partners and community groups and create a transparent view of Techniquest’s aims and mission to diversify our audience and become a centre that’s inclusive to all.

Connect with us

Are you a Community Organisation or Individual? Connect with us at Techniquest, please contact us at [email protected].

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