Nikoleta E Glynatsi is a PhD student in the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University. She has a BA in Business Analytics and Information Systems and an MSc in Operational Research and Applied Statistics. Her research interests are game theory and research software development, whilst as represented in her images, her hobbies include skateboarding, video games and reading comics.

Originally from Kos Island, Greece but currently living in Cardiff, Nik is a representative of STEM sciences and more specifically women in STEM. She is interested in the positive representation of what women in STEM do, which is why she wanted to be involved in this project.

She says
“There is a large scientific community in Cardiff, which is diverse, welcoming, inspiring and still developing. I cannot wait to see what the community will be like in the next 2 years.

“Both Arts and sciences are part of our everyday lives. Creativity comes in many forms. I find creativity in mathematics where others find it in photography. As creators we should learn to support and work together, that way both Arts and STEM can profit from each other.”

She believes science and discovery centres must involve their communities in projects like this to help represent scientists and their work, breaking down barriers to STEM engagement.