Owess Munir was a ‘true humanitarian’ and the regional community fundraiser for Islamic Relief in Wales and the West. He was incredibly respected and very well known within the local community and hugely missed by the photographer, Zaid Djerdi. Owess passed away in September 2018 and Zaid wants Owess’ memory to live on by highlighting his fundraising, maths skills and his innate desire to help people.

Zaid says
“He was a brother to me and brought the youth together always. We toured up and down the country helping raise money for people who needed it the most. People will never understand the amount of joy we created.

“Owess was very humble and spent his money on us (his friends, family and those in need) and never ate unless we ate with him. His death caused real grief within the community, from people of all races, backgrounds and religions. His funeral was attended by 4,000+ people. People flew in from around the world. I know his family would love it if the photo I took when we were in France last year was included in the gallery.”