Meet the Scientist

Techniquest brings you “Meet the Scientist” this British Science Week.

Working with See Science, the STEM Ambassador hub for Wales, we have a series of 6 STEM videos for you to share with your pupils.

You can ask them to watch one, two or all the videos and maybe set them some work around each video’s content. The videos are a resource for you and your pupils featuring STEM role models in a variety of contexts.

1. The Trail of Time

Richard Birch is the Principal Ecologist at eco-scope in North Wales. Richard loves his work and is passionate about conservation. Richard’s video is an introduction to the remarkable and often understated richness of the palaeontological record, particularly in Wales. Which dinosaurs lived in Wales?

2. Engineering in STEM

Alex Prance works at Stantec and his video will tell you about him, his job, the skills need in STEM careers and what not to put down the toilet — and why not!

3. What is a Material Scientist?

Dr Becky Waldram is one, and in her video you will find all about what she does and why. Have you ever thought why we do not use paper to make umbrellas? Becky spends her time looking at materials and their properties.

4. Living and working in Antarctica

Steve Lloyd works for the British Antarctic Survey. What work do scientists do in Antarctic, and why? Can you get a suntan in Antarctica?

5. Polar Adventures

Learn about what life is like at the poles from Wicked Weather Watch’s Arctic and Antarctic explorer, Hazel Richards, as she shares her experiences from her expeditions to these harsh environments.

6. Dr John Dudeney OBE, Polar Scientist

John has worked as Polar Scientist, tour guide and Polar Historian with lots to tell you about living and working in Antarctica for over 50 years! He has seen many changes in Antarctica over the years in the way people live and work there, but also some dramatic changes in the environment, primarily due to Climate Change. John even has a mountain range in Antarctica named after him, the ‘Dudeney Nunataks’.

7. Unity video game engine

Karl Jones has years of experience working as a computer programmer at Unity Technologies, helping game developers to make a wide range of immersive and creative video game experiences.

8. Engineering: Not just for boys

An insight in to the career paths of Caitlyn and Alex and why engineering was a great choice for them, and see if you can do better at the Helicopter Challenge!

9. Research Scientist

What is a research scientist and what do they do? Find out from Farah.

10. Science Enthusiast

Meet Jonah Jones, an 11-year-old science enthusiast who prepared this video for British Science Week.

See the British Science Week website for more resources and information.