Exciting changes are coming! Get the latest updates and info before you visit.Read more about it


Exciting changes are coming! Get the latest updates and info before you visit.Read more about it

Key Stage 2 — at Techniquest

After a lively 30-minute presentation in the Science Theatre, Lab or Planetarium, pupils take what they have learnt onto the exhibition floor for a session of self-directed learning and discovery.

A visit to Techniquest in Cardiff Bay is FREE for School Members, or just £5.00 per pupil for non-members. Additional charges may apply to some programmes. Supervisory adults are admitted free of charge.

For more information on Techniquest’s Education Programme or to make a booking, please ring 029 2047 5475 or email Techniquest.

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Key Stage 2 programme — at Techniquest


Included with admission charge

Spring term 2020

Numeracy — The Adventures of Dr Isosceles21–24 Jan 2020
Yucky You28–31 Jan 2020
Victorian Medicine4 & 6 Feb 2020
Explosions & Potions11–14 Feb 2020
Splendiferous Science25–28 Feb 2020
The Antarctic Show5 Mar 2020
Science Showcase11–13 Mar 2020
Operation Earth17–18 Mar 2020
The Materials Show19–20 Mar 2020
The Electricity Show1–3 Apr 2020

Summer term 2020

The Human Body Show22 Apr 2020
The Forces Show19–22 May 2020
Numeracy — Escape from the Tower of Doom2–4 Jun 2020
Bubbles and Blasts7–10 & 14–17 Jul 2020


9–10, 14–17, 21–24 May
9–12, 16–19 July

Additional charge applies

Supporting your teaching within the Digital Competence Framework
LEGO WeDo Workshops help your KS2 pupils widen and develop their digital competency skills.

The LEGO WeDo sessions are an excellent introduction to programming, and incorporate mathematics, engineering and design technology.

Planetarium shows

Included with admission charge
Enter Techniquest’s digital Planetarium and take a journey through the Universe — discovering stars, planets and distant galaxies!

Each Planetarium show comprises a 20-minute video, that supports the teaching of the Curriculum for Wales, followed by a live tour of the night sky.

Pupils learn to identify stars, planets and constellations that can be seen from Earth, then venture beyond the Milky Way, towards the great wonders of the Universe. Presenters can zoom into stars and planets, pan out to detailed craters of distant moons, and display stunning phenomena such as spiralling galaxies, in order to consolidate and contextualise pupils’ learning appropriately and fuel a passion for cosmology and astronomy.

Each show is tailored to the age, ability and level of knowledge of the pupils. Techniquest’s presenter will ask questions in order to encourage engagement, thought and suggestions, allowing pupils’ decisions to influence the direction of the star tour.

Planetarium shows are available most days throughout the school year.

The shows available are:
Star Stories
Space Survivors
Our Place in Space
Space Explorers

For more information on Techniquest’s Education Programme or to make a booking, please ring 029 2047 5475 or email Techniquest.


Find us

  Techniquest, Stuart Street, Cardiff, CF10 5BW

Contact us

  029 2047 5475

Opening hours

  During local school holidays
10.00am–5.00pm Bank Holidays, seven days a week.

  School term
9.30am–4.30pm Tuesday–Friday;
10.00am–5.00pm Saturday and Sunday.

Charity & company

  Registered charity no. 517722
  Registered in Wales no. 01955696

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  •   What is Techniquest?

    Techniquest is an educational charity, with a science centre in Cardiff Bay. Our mission is to embed science in Welsh culture through interactive engagement. We provide a range of services to schools and teachers to complement formal education provision in Wales and work extensively with public audiences.

  •   Where can I park?

    We are pleased to be able to offer all of our visitors discounted parking with Q-Park, our preferred parking partner.

    The Q-Park operates the Cardiff Bay car park in Pierhead Street which is around 8 minutes walk from Techniquest.

    We have agreed a special discount rate for our customers of 15% off all pre-bookings.
    Pre-book and guarantee your space here using the code TECHNI15.

    There are also nearby pay-and-display car parks on Stuart Street and Havannah Street. Please do not park on Havannah Street itself.

  •   Who is it for?

    Techniquest is suitable for all ages! We do have special events for certain groups, however — see Toddler Days, After Hours and Home Educator days.

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