Techniquest will reopen on 14 November. Tickets on sale now!Read more about it


Techniquest will reopen on 14 November. Tickets on sale now!Read more about it

Secondary & Post-16 — at Techniquest

Techniquest has developed inspirational science and maths events for KS3 pupils, with the aim of raising aspirations in GCSE Science & Mathematics and enabling teachers to experience the impact of work-related education within a science & maths context.

For more information on costs of a visit to Techniquest for Secondary pupils please ring 029 2047 5475 or email Techniquest.

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Secondary & Post-16 programme — at Techniquest


9–12 June 2020
£6.00 per pupil

Maths is all around us — we use it every day in our smartphones, our music players and in video games. Discover the tricks of probability to help us win game shows and demonstrate how statistics can be misleading. Can computers use mathematics to read your mind? Explore binary code with the help of rockets and the power of the number 9. Examine surfaces and connections in topology. Investigate why Houdini was a great topologist as well as an escape artist as you experiment with being tied up!

Pupils’ activities:
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Teachers’ book:
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Planetarium shows

Enter Techniquest’s digital Planetarium and take a journey through the Universe, discovering stars, planets, and distant galaxies.

Both shows involve a video followed by a presenter-led tour of the night sky.

Planetarium shows are available most days throughout the school year.

The shows available are:

Key Stage 3

Secret Life of Stars

Key Stage 4

Stardust: Cosmic Chemistry

DNA workshops

24, 25 & 27 March 2020
1–3 April 2020

Inspiring and motivating workshops for AS and A-level that use research-quality equipment and the latest techniques to explore DNA.

Choose from:

DNA: Photocopying

£12.50 per pupil
This workshop, developed by the Wellcome Trust, allows students a glimpse of the high-tech world of genetics and biotechnology. Students will extract their own DNA samples from cheek cells and then amplify a section of non-coding DNA using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

DNA: A Question of Taste

£15.50 per pupil
What causes bitter taste perception and how does this relate to Darwin’s work and our understanding of evolution? This workshop brings together the history of evolution and cutting-edge genetic research.

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