PLEASE NOTE: Techniquest is closed due to the coronavirusRead more about it


PLEASE NOTE: Techniquest is closed due to the coronavirusRead more about it

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Giants of the Solar System


Sat 4 July 2020


All Day


Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are the largest planets in the solar system; they are known as the Gas Giants.

However, these are not just balls of Gas as their name suggests. They are the guardians of the Solar System, protecting the inner planets from potentially life threatening collisions with space debris.

Join us in the planetarium as we find out the true nature of these Giants.

Explore the solar system as we move beyond the asteroid belt to the domain of the Gas Giants. Investigate the planets’ make up, from the helium we use in balloons to the methane we use as natural gas fuel in our homes. Discover the giant that spins on its side and plunges its poles into 42 years of darkness.

Experience the weather as we look at storms that have raged for hundreds of years, diamond rain and dangerous magnetic fields. Find out what becomes of the material these giants protect us from as you view the many rings and moons that surround them. Find out why we are so interested in these moons and what secrets they may be hiding from potential life to 8km high geyser eruptions, and see what lies ahead for future exploration of these planets.

Additional information

  • Suitable for ages 7+.
  • Duration: 25 minutes.
  • £1.50 per person in addition to entry to Techniquest. Annual Pass holders are entitled to a complimentary planetarium show on each visit.
  • Please note: unfortunately, wheelchairs cannot be accommodated in our Planetarium.