Techniquest is temporarily closed.Read more about it


Techniquest is temporarily closed.Read more about it

Connect Memberships

Who can apply?

You can apply if you live in the surrounding areas of Techniquest, which include;

How to apply?

If you’d like to apply for you and/or your family to become members, you will need to complete the short application form below.   You will be sent a confirmation e-mail of your membership, tickets can then be purchased at our reception desk on arrival to the centre. Repeat this process for all members of your family.

Please note: Connect Membership applications are assessed on a postcode basis. 

What should I bring on my first visit?

The first time you use your new membership, please bring along:

  • Your e-mail confirmation (per family member)
  • One form of ID with your name and address — either:
    • Driving licence
    • Utility bill

A team member will take a photograph of you and issue you with your connect membership card.

How much do tickets cost?

Once registered, tickets are £5 each time you visit. This is the standard rate for adults, children and concession tickets.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Community tickets cannot be bought online, only at our reception desk.
  2. All family members require an individual membership card.
  3. Membership prices may be subject to increases.
  4. Tickets will not be issued to anyone who cannot show proof of address.