An exciting project that has transformed Techniquest into a bigger, brighter and better centre of discovery: bringing in new exhibits that work for all ages and for every generation.

A Radical Transformation

With the aim to inspire, to engage and bring science to life beneath your fingertips, the state-of-the-art exhibits in the Science Capital extension have breathed new life into an old favourite.

The Science Capital project has radically transformed Techniquest and has significantly extended its footprint in Cardiff Bay. The five different zones contained within it house innovative new content, developed with business and academics at the forefront of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Wales and has been supported by a programme of community co-production; highlighting the role STEM technologies play in shaping the future of our society.

Exhibits for a Digital Age

The new exhibits hosted within have been geared towards a broader age-range than Techniquest’s original pieces; with digital touchpads to access more information, taking you deeper into the science that you can still bring to life and experience with the touch of your hand.

All of this helps us to appeal to a wider audience; no longer simply a place for young children to take their first steps in science, Techniquest has both grown, and grown up at the same time – allowing us the chance to be sustainable well into the future.

“We want to make science accessible to everyone in Wales and beyond, and as the oldest — and one of the smallest — science discovery centres in the UK, the only way we could begin to do this was to dramatically transform our existing site.”

Lesley Kirkpatrick, former CEO of Techniquest

The Root of the Project’s Name

The term ‘science capital’ isn’t familiar to everyone, but in essence it is a concept which gives valuable insight into why and how some people participate in, and engage with, STEM-related experiences — and why some do not.

Science capital itself is a measure of your engagement or relationship with science, how much you value it and whether you feel it’s ‘for you’ and connected to your life.

It highlights the significance of what you know about science, how you think about it, what (science-related activities) you do and who you know in shaping attitudes and feelings about STEM.

Everyone is Different and Everyone is Welcome

Everyone’s science capital is different. It is not fixed, it can change across a lifetime and the more that you engage in positive science experiences, the more potential there is over time, to impact on and grow your own science capital.

Science and innovation is crucial in modern society. It has the power to change the way we live our lives and is integral to our future.

At Techniquest, we want to grow people’s science capital and welcome as many visitors through the doors as we can, to experience the wonder of science directly for themselves. By growing science capital in individuals and the communities of Wales and beyond, we can help more people to see science as a vitally important part of their lives and culture; helping to broaden opportunities and access to STEM-related jobs in the future.

Thank You

We are very grateful to the funders who have helped make this project a reality: UK Research & Innovation and Wellcome Trust’s Inspiring Science Fund, Moondance Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, and Welsh Government’s ‘Invest to Save’ fund.

A team of experts worked with us on the extension including: project managers Lee Wakemans, architects HLM, Wardell Armstrong and engineers Hydrock.

UK Research and Innovation Wellcome Trust Moondance Foundation Garfield Weston Foundation Welsh Government Lee Wakemans HLM Architects Hydrock Wardell Armstrong