It’s never easy to talk about legacy giving, but if you’re in a position to consider this for the future, then it’s a way to leave something behind that the next generation will gain so much from.

Leaving a gift in your will costs nothing now, but can make a real impact on the future communities in Wales: it’s a deeply meaningful way to celebrate a lifetime’s interest in science, helping to spark that afresh for someone just taking their first steps.

Techniquest is reliant on charitable donations to continue its work. Each year, around £1.3 million needs to be raised so that we can continue to help close the skills gap in Wales, for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Leaving a gift in your will means you can help us to educate the industry leaders of the future, even after you’ve passed on.

How to leave a gift to Techniquest in your will

It’s easy to do, but we recommend using the help of a solicitor to ensure your gift makes its way to us. The main thing is to include our name, address and charity number:

Stuart Street, Cardiff, CF10 5BW
Charity Number: 517722

If you already have a will and you want to include a gift to Techniquest, there may not be any need to rewrite it. You can ask a qualified professional such as a solicitor to add an amendment (called a codicil). If the change is more significant or complex you should make a new will.

There are two main types of gift you can make:

  1. You can leave a specific sum of money or an item such as jewellery or a piece of art.
  2. Alternatively, you can leave a share in, or all, what’s left of the value of your estate after family and friends have been taken care of.

The advantage of leaving a share (also known as residuary gift) is that it remains the same over time, and you won’t need to change your will to keep up with inflation. It’s the most valuable kind of gift to Techniquest.

However much you can leave, it will go a long way to helping us continue providing valuable STEM experiences for future generations.

In Memory

A donation left in memory can be a meaningful way to celebrate a loved one’s life. Whether they enjoyed visiting Techniquest when they were young, had fond memories of times here with family, or simply had a sense of curiosity and a love for science, we would love to start a discussion over how a gift could continue their legacy.

To find out more about leaving a gift in your will or making a donation in memory of a loved one, please contact us.