You can now host the Techniquest live theatre experience in your very own classroom!

We have digitised our live science shows to give you access to some exciting and interactive STEM teaching and learning tools in school — so if you can’t travel to us, we can come to you virtually instead.

Through interactive video content and with downloadable resource packs available, schools can purchase one of our shows that will give 21 days of unlimited access at an affordable price.

Each show follows key themes across the new Curriculum for Wales and all have been successfully piloted with many schools.

Your school may be eligible for a free Digital Package thanks to our friends at Waterloo, who have given us funding towards our Digital Outreach Programme this year — see below for details.

Available shows

Progression Step 2 / Foundation Phase

All About Me
Help our presenter Gruff explore the human body and senses at an exciting funfair, completing challenges and puzzles along the way. This engaging and interactive science show encourages pupils to develop their problem-solving skills as we help fix a rollercoaster. Pupils will explore parts of the human body, how we use our senses and the difference between people and other animals.
Available in English and Welsh.
Animals & Habitats
Join us as we take a journey to different habitats, from those close to home to those that are very different around the world. Bringing in literacy and numeracy, we’ll also look at why the habitats are the way they are and what animals we can find there. We’ll then take a closer at the animals we find and see how they have special qualities to thrive in the habitats they live in.
Available in English and Welsh.
Dinosaur Tour
After exploring fossils on the beaches of South Wales and preparing for an adventure, hop in a time machine with Bethan the explorer and travel back 65 million years. Help Bethan follow trails and travel to the coast to get up close and personal with some famous pre-historic reptiles on land and in the sea. We’ll learn about what they looked like, what they ate and what other animals share similar traits, today.
Available in English and Welsh.

Progression Step 3 / Key Stage 2

Animals & Habitats
Take a tour of Techniquest’s very own animal sanctuary set up to study endangered or threatened animals. Unfortunately, the sanctuaries inhabitants have escaped and crossed into each other's habitats. Join our presenter as they study what makes each habitat special and decide which of our animals is best suited to live there. We’ll explore and demonstrate our animal's adaptations, look at why they live in their habitats, how we can figure out what they eat, and figure out their food chains to see how we should feed them.
Available in English and Welsh.
Colourful Chemistry
Explore how and why scientists use colour in chemistry and see demonstrations of why colours in chemistry are so useful. We’ll also examine what colour is and how chemical colours are used in our everyday lives, and how we can use chemical reactions to do some useful and beautiful things. We’ll even show you how to do something at home.
Available in English and Welsh.
Comet Chasers
Meet wannabe space explorer and billionaire Richie Gold as his top scientist explains to him what he’d need to do to mine asteroids in space! We will learn all about comets and asteroids and the challenges scientists who are looking into this face. Topics covered in this video include: Terminology differences (meteor vs meteorite); what asteroids are made of; what comets are made of; why the comet has tails; what happens when asteroids collide with a planet; meteors burning up in the atmosphere, how and why this happens; identifying comets and asteroids with telescopes; mirror telescopes and space telescopes; spectroscopy; the challenges of returning large items to Earth.
Available in English and Welsh.
Dinosaur Tour
Not all pre-historic animals were dinosaurs! It’s true that reptiles ruled the Earth for millions of years, but in this show we’ll explore how dinosaurs were more than just the big teeth and claws we find in fossils. Learn how to run like a velociraptor, chomp like a tyrannosaur, fly like a pterosaur and watch an asteroid burning through the atmosphere from the safety of your seat.
Available in English and Welsh.
Farming Today — The Rural Round Up
In a breaking news format we’ll spend time with farmers who each doing something different to help the environment. We’ll look at how farmers use the carbon cycle to help our environment. Our weather man looks at the effects of greenhouse gasses on our climate and what farmers are doing to help. We’ll hear from a dairy cow about the changes farmers are making to be more eco friendly. Our sports anchor will pit farmer against farmer to see how they treat their soil to help our rivers when it rains. Finally, to wrap up we’ll also investigate how farmers are adapting their land to attract and look after plants and animals.
Available in English and Welsh.
Ghoul School
Students will be welcomed to Ghoul School! To make the most out of Halloween, we’ll be looking at how they can use science and technology to make this Halloween an absolute scream. Our Ghoul School students will learn all about our Witches’ potions, monstrous masks and enjoy some spooky surprises. It will be a hair-raising experience for everyone to enjoy!
Available in English and Welsh.
The Human Body Show
We all start life smaller than a full stop but how do we change over time? Explore the human body from the longest and smallest bones to the functions of our organs. Understand your heartbeat, see the amount of air you breathe and find out what we can do to keep our bodies healthy in this interactive video.
Available in English and Welsh.
Out of this World
Out of this World follows TechniSpace, a new space exploration organisation who are launching their first astronaut to the International Space Station. Watch as the Chief Scientist, Astronaut and the Boss overcome the challenges of space travel. How will the astronaut get to the ISS? What dangers await the astronaut once they get to the ISS and how will the Chief Scientist get them home safely? This video delves into the physics and biology surrounding missions to the ISS, from Newton’s laws of motion to space food, the topics covered in this video and accompanying resources are: • Newton’s Law of Motion • Physical health for astronauts • Space Junk • Effects of a vacuum on the body • Re-entry to the Earth’s atmosphere • Food and water on the ISS • Rockets + footage of a real rocket launch.
Available in English and Welsh.
The Polar Show
Find out what’s happening at the poles and what that means for the future of our planet, from the unfortunate story of the explorer Robert Scott to the research scientists there today. Learn what challenges they face, turning to animal and plant life for inspiration on how to solve those challenges with technology. Discover the differences between the north and south poles. Together we will touch on environmental science and why it’s so important today.
Available in English and Welsh.
Victorian Medicine
Roger Morgan Tells us about medicine in the Victorian era, how the best surgeons were the fastest, life without anaesthetic and how life has changed over time.
Available in English only.

Progression Step 4 / Key Stage 3

Climate Change
Join us as we explore the change in climate on planet Earth. We will research both the human and natural causes of climate change, and what we can do to reduce the effects on our planet.
Available in English and Welsh.
STEM in Sport with the Dragons
With help from Dragons Rugby, we’ll study and demonstrate some of the science involved in sport to see how professional athletes use STEM to put them at the top of their game. We’ll look at an athlete’s diet and nutrition and see just how much they need to change to perform at their best. We’ll also explore the different forces at play across a number of sports. By understanding and mastering different forces, athletes are able to perform better — whether it’s by getting the most out of friction in a scrum or by knowing the best way to throw and pass a ball — understanding STEM is something athletes can do to give them the edge they need.
Available in English and Welsh.
Up and Atom: Real Life Reactions
Your phone. Your money. Your lunch. No, this isn’t a stick-up — these are just some of the examples of how chemistry plays a role in our everyday life. Everything you have ever encountered exists because of chemistry. Join us as we explore a world full of chemistry, from the basics of chemical structures through to explosive reactions and meet people who use chemistry every day to help make life that little bit better for all of us.
Available in English and Welsh.
Welsh Scientists / Wales, STEM and the World
We here in Wales can sometimes think we are small players on the world stage but when it comes to science we are anything but! Wales has encouraged and inspired scientists who have shaped the lives of people all around the world. Join us as we explore some of the incredible contributions that Welsh innovators have made and see how scientists in Wales are at the cutting edge of new discoveries. We will also see how the science being conducted in Wales today will shape the world for years to come!
Available in English and Welsh.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £50 per show for up to 4 access codes, to cover delivery to 4 classes.

Once a code is activated you will have 21 days access to view the content, plan, download any linked resources and deliver to your pupils.

Your school might be eligible for FREE shows. We work hard to secure funding to support schools in disadvantaged areas with a high levels of deprivation so please get in touch if you think you may qualify.
N.B. this is dependent on funding being available, and is not guaranteed.

What is the payment method?

After you have received your Access Code/s, Techniquest will send an invoice to your school.

How do I book?

To book a digital outreach show, please fill in and submit the following enquiry form.