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Techniquest delivers more science education in communities and schools than any other science and discovery centre in the UK.

We inspire children and young people to continue with their education and take up careers in STEM – and we inspire adults to think about science differently.

But we can’t do this without our supporters. All of our school and communities’ education is funded by individual, corporate partners and Trusts and Foundations.

You can help us continue to provide science education to some of the hardest to reach communities in Wales.

Why should you support Techniquest?

Inspiring young people
We provide “science capital” to children who are unlikely to have any science role models in their lives, particularly in areas where opportunities to work in the STEM sector are minimal.  Our expert Science Communicators visit schools and communities to provide positive role models to encourage children to become open to their STEM potential and future career possibilities.

Research suggests that a science capital approach can be particularly helpful for engaging socially disadvantaged students with science. It can improve motivation and can help students see the relevance of what they are learning.
‘Science capital’: a summary for policymakers, King’s College London, 2014


Prosperous communities
Science is crucial for Wales. As a nation, Wales has clear aspirations for the contribution that STEM can bring to the economy, through employment and research.

Techniquest delivers public benefits by raising the profile of careers in STEM sectors to address the growing skills gap in Wales.  This ultimately impacts on the longer-term health of the Welsh economy, not to mention the health and wellbeing of their immediate communities which will grow and prosper and become less reliant upon an already overburdened welfare and health system.
For teachers
Many primary school teachers don not have the confidence and skills to teach STEM and many secondary school teachers do not have up-to-date knowledge of STEM study and career opportunities to share with their students.

Techniquest plays an important role in offering Welsh teachers continuing professional development opportunities. This helps to increase the scientific literacy of pupils, whilst providing inspiring STEM enrichment activities in support of Wales’ aim to increase its science and engineering talent pool.

Find us

Techniquest, Stuart Street, Cardiff, CF10 5BW

Contact us

029 2047 5475

Opening hours

During local school holidays
10.00am–5.00pm Bank Holidays, seven days a week.

School term
9.30am–4.30pm Tuesday–Friday;
10.00am–5.00pm Saturday and Sunday.

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  • What is Techniquest?

    Techniquest is an educational charity, with a science centre in Cardiff Bay. Our mission is to embed science in Welsh culture through interactive engagement. We provide a range of services to schools and teachers to complement formal education provision in Wales and work extensively with public audiences.

  • Where can I park?

    We are pleased to be able to offer all our visitor discounted parking with Q-Park, our preferred parking partner.

    The Q-Park operates the Cardiff Bay car park in Pierhead Street which is around 8 minutes walk from Techniquest.

    We have agreed a special discount rate for our customers of 15% off all pre-bookings.
    Pre-book and guarantee your space here using the code techniquest.

  • Who is it for?

    Techniquest is suitable for all ages! We do have special events for certain groups, however — see Toddler Days, After Hours and Home Educator days.

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