With over 100 hands-on exhibits on site that make learning fun, it’s an unforgettable trip that pupils will be talking about for years to come.

There’s no better way to make new knowledge stick, or refresh facts already taught, than by letting them bring the science to life under their fingertips.

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“That was the best day of our lives!”

Pupils from Penybont Primary School

Add in the extra options of a live science show, a star tour in the planetarium or a hands-on experience in the KLA Lab and you can’t go wrong.

All shows are curriculum-based and targeted at differing Progression Steps and Key Stages.

On arrival, school groups are welcomed by Techniquest staff who explain the logistics of the visit, to make sure everything runs smoothly. Teachers are free to focus fully on the children they’ve brought along and on the learning experience itself.

When can we visit?

School visits are available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and most Fridays during term-time.

You can choose from one of the following time slots, subject to availability:

  • 10:00am–12:45pm
  • 10:30am–1:15pm
  • 11:00am–1:45pm
  • 11:15am–2:15pm

The Great British School Trip

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Shows & workshops

Science Theatre

Why not add an amazing science show to enhance your pupils’ experience?

Summer Term 2023

At the Circus
19–21, 26–28 April 2023

Progression Step 2 Foundation Phase

The Adventures of Dr Isoceles
3–4, 10 May 2023

Progression Step 3 Key Stage 2

Extreme Earth
18–19, 24–26 May 2023

Progression Step 3 Key Stage 2

7–8, 14–16 June 2023

Progression Step 2 Foundation Phase

21–23, 28–29 June 2023

Progression Step 4 Key Stage 3

5–6, 12–14 July 2023

Progression Step 4 Key Stage 3

Splendiferous Science
19–21 July 2023

Progression Step 3 Key Stage 2

Science shows are an additional £2 per pupil.


  New 4K projector

Enter Techniquest’s digital Planetarium and take a journey through the Universe — discovering stars, planets and distant galaxies!

Pupils learn to identify stars, planets and constellations that can be seen from Earth, then venture beyond the Milky Way, towards the great wonders of the Universe. Presenters can zoom into stars and planets, pan out to detailed craters of distant moons, and display stunning phenomena such as spiralling galaxies, in order to consolidate and contextualise pupils’ learning appropriately and fuel a passion for cosmology and astronomy.

Progression Step 3 Key Stage 2

Planetarium shows are an additional £2 per pupil.

The KLA Lab

New — our new-look KLA Lab, funded by the Garfield Weston Foundation and the KLA Foundation.

Bring your pupils to experience being a real scientist! Each workshop is 45 minutes long. Choose from one of the three available workshops.

Please note: We are only able to run one of the three following themes per school day. The first school to book a Lab workshop on a given day will get to choose which theme is running that day.

Sci-Spy Squad

Come and help us solve the mystery of the missing diamond.

Students will be using a variety of forensic experiments to help us find out “whodunnit”!

Progression Step 3 Key Stage 2

The Magic of Science

Is it magic or science?

Students will step into the shoes of a wizard in this workshop, as they observe and carry out a range of ‘magic or science’ experiments!

Can they change something’s colour, or temperature, or even make something fly?

Progression Step 3 Key Stage 2

Colour Chaos

Explore the colourful world of science!

Discover the amazing spectrum of colours in science through a range of demonstrations and hands-on experiments!

Progression Step 3 Key Stage 2

Lab workshops are an additional £2 per pupil.

How much does it cost?

Entrance to the exhibition, which now consists of over 100 different hands-on exhibits, is £5 per child.

Additional activities are charged as follows:

  • Science Theatre: £2 per pupil
  • Planetarium: £2 per pupil
  • The KLA Lab: £2 per pupil

Teachers accompanying students will be free, as always!

How do I book?

Simply fill in our enquiry form, and a member of our team will get back to you as quickly as they can.

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