Techniquest is delighted to have completed a consultancy document entitled A Science Theatre for Children — an Analysis for Experimenta.

The report was comissioned to analyse the potential for, and the implications of, a science theatre and programes for schools audiences aged 4 to 10. The study focused on areas including:

  • How a science theatre is best included in to the current operationalal model at Experimenta.
  • How shows should be tailored to audiences aged 4–6 and 7–10.
  • What technical infrastructure is necessary for the theatre and what technical equipment should be considered.
  • Staff structuring, recruitment and training needs.
  • Trialling and evaluation.

The study was based on Techniquests experiences of running a sucessful in-house programe of over 100 shows and workshops during the 26 years of operation, whilst also looking at current trends across Europe and beyond.