The Gypsy, Roma and Travelling Community invite Techniquest to the Annual Holocaust Memorial Event at the Senedd.

Holocaust Survivor, Henri Obstfeld from the Netherlands talking about his childhood during WW2.



On Wednesday, 23rd of January the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community invited the people of Cardiff to the Senedd for a Holocaust Memorial Event. When many people think about the Holocaust, they firstly think about the tragedies of Jewish people. The aim of this event however, was to create a platform and opportunity to highlight and remember all the victims of the Holocaust.


The event brought together people from all backgrounds: Welsh Romany Gypsy Campaigner, TomTom Hendry; Artist, Barrie J Morgan who created an art installation that incorporated the voices of Gypsies and travellers from across Wales; Tom McCarthy, a Folk Singer and Irish Traveller; two students from Barry High School that were part of an Auschwitz experience programme; Henri Obstfeld, a Holocaust Survivor; Welsh Ministers; Organisations and Community members of Cardiff.



Tom McCarthy an Irish Traveller and Folk Singer providing a talk on the Travelling community and singing a Folk Song by his Grandfather


You might be wondering “how does Techniquest fit in with this experience and event?” Well, Techniquest are engaging more and more with members of the community and events such as the Holocaust Memorial Event help us to understand who forms part of our community, their stories and backgrounds. The event showed how relationships and partnerships can be formed in the most unexpected situations; with everyone at the event bringing forward their unique experiences of the Holocaust. The common thread between those unique experiences has helped to form the ‘Unexpected but Connected Communities of Cardiff.’


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