In just a few months’ time, our ‘Science Capital’ project will be complete, as our biggest refurbishment comes to life since opening in 1985. You can expect over 50 new exhibits from May 2020 – each interactive and just waiting to be discovered.

The project has been four years in planning, with the build-work given the green light last summer. Our centre will be transformed – with a new extension that will modify our appearance, engage more people with STEM-related content, and bring new offerings to a new, diversified audience.

Our new centre will house 52 new exhibits over two floors – promising innovative, exciting content that appeals to a wide range of audiences. Each exhibit has been fabricated by German company, Hüttinger – and are in their final stages of construction before being brought to Cardiff Bay for installation.

So, what type of exhibits can you expect from us in 2020?

‘Earthquake Simulator’ – Standing on the earthquake platform, visitors get to experience real-life earthquake scenarios based on global events. Using historical data, the exhibit gives users the option to select what magnitude ’quake they’d like to try – including an example of one recorded in Wales!

‘Virtual Operating Table’ – Test your skills as a surgeon on our very own operating table! Visitors can carry out ‘virtual’ pacemaker procedures whilst learning about how the various stages of surgery has changed over time.

New areas will be available with exhibits relating to five key themes. We’ll also have a brand-new gift shop, and even space for a new café facility.

You’ll have 60% more floor space to enjoy all our new exhibits, whilst still able to enjoy many of our original features, such as our fulldome Planetarium and Science Theatre.

Our Head of Projects, James Summers commented;

“Our earthquake simulator and virtual operating table are just a flavour of the fantastic new content you’ll find at Techniquest from May 2020. Our refreshed centre will include five key themes – Biomedical Science, Chemistry, World Issues, Environmental Science, and Space. Last October we unveiled our Living Wall feature to give a taster of the changes arriving at Techniquest over the coming months. It’s proven to be a popular attraction and we look forward to showcasing everything else we’ve been working on. It has been an aim of ours to change the perception of our centre and appeal to a wider demographic, and especially to an older audience. We’re confident these changes will do just that – re-establishing us as a major player amongst science and discovery attractions in the UK.”

As work continues on the extension, we’ll remain open where visitors can still enjoy all current exhibits, expand their knowledge through various workshops and engage with STEM-related content.

Please note – we’ll be closed briefly close for two weeks at the beginning of May whilst we make our finishing touches. For all the latest updates, please visit our ‘Science Capital’ page:

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