Exhibit: Head on a Plate

Put your head though the hole in the table and look at the mirrors on the wall.  The mirrors on the side of the table reflect the pattern of the floor tiles and the walls producing the illusion that your body is missing!  The illusion works for both you and for whoever is standing in front of the exhibit.  This optical illusion uses mirrors to create the effect that you have lost your head. When you view this exhibit from the front, without anyone standing behind the table, it appears to simply be a room with a table up against the back wall. There is nothing apparently unusual. The table has three visible legs with, presumably, the rear fourth leg concealed by the front one. You can see through the legs of the table to the wall behind.  Instead of being a normal table, however, this table has two cleverly concealed mirrored panels which mean that when you put your head through the hole in the exhibit, your body seems to disappear!