We know this is a difficult time for everyone, but right now we need your support more than ever.

The Easter holidays should’ve marked an exciting milestone for us; not only would we have welcomed thousands through our doors during one of our busiest periods, but our team would have been in final stages preparing for the launch of our brand-new ‘Science Capital’ project.

The Science Capital project has been four years in planning. It includes an extension to our existing building and the introduction of over 50 brand-new, innovative exhibits. Its purpose is to radically transform our centre, attracting a diverse audience and bring a new lease of life to our centre, which has been a part of Cardiff for nearly 34 years.

Building work began last summer and was expected to finish in just a few weeks’ time. The ‘Science Capital’ is something we’ve been so excited to showcase to the world, but unfortunately our plans have been postponed under the current circumstances. Whilst we still look forward to unveiling the Science Capital later in the year, our wider business is now at risk as we can no longer operate our normal day-to-day activities.

Techniquest is a charitable organisation, not only do we massively rely on grants from a range of trusts and foundations as well as donations from the public and other supporters all year round, but feet through our doors mean we can keep them open; welcoming visitors to get hands-on with science and continue in our mission to make STEM accessible to everyone in Wales.

During this crisis we will of course seek to access all relevant government support and draw down the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme in order to safeguard the jobs of our Techniquest team. However, for us our visitor numbers always excel outside of the academic term and particularly during public holidays. During this time our team of Science Communicators expect to ‘wow’ crowds in our sell-out shows, workshops and special events. This is in direct correlation with the needs from our current audience demographic – who are most likely families and young children. Not opening for business during the Easter school holidays has had a massive impact on us as a business, and we potentially could see this through the summer holidays, too. As an organisation who plans for this increase in sales during these key periods, I’m sure you can appreciate our concern as our income has suddenly vanished.

That’s why we’re asking for your support.

Techniquest is an iconic venue in Wales and has welcomed millions of visitors since opening in 1985. When someone mentions Techniquest, you’ll quite often hear the response, “I remember going there as a child” or “Techniquest has been there for as long as I can remember”. Whilst we admit that some of Techniquest hasn’t changed a great deal since 1985 (that’s why we’re so excited about the Science Capital), there’s no doubt that Techniquest leaves a lasting impression on any one who visits and it really is an unique offering compared to your ‘typical’ day out.

Anyone who visits us contributes to our charity and helps us keep Techniquest in operation. Over the years, we have received a vast amount of support from the Welsh Government, from both UK and Welsh trusts and foundations, as well as donations from the general public, businesses and other stakeholders. To every organisation and individual who has donated to us over the years, thank you so very much.

No one could have predicted how charities would be affected by COVID-19, but it is vital third sector organisations get the support they need in order to survive. The next few weeks and months are certainly going to be tough for us and all third sector businesses throughout the UK. That’s why we’re making a stand and getting behind #EveryDayCounts, to ensure the Westminster Government understands the difficulty we’re currently facing and offers the support we need. We’ll be joining others to put the third sector in the limelight – highlighting our story to local media, across our digital platforms and continuing to write to both Governments. We urge anyone who supports us or like-minded charities to do the same. More information on the campaign can be found here.

Our Techniquest team are keeping safe and well at home, with some of our core operations team still working to keep things ticking over. All our staff have worked extremely hard over the past few months, and we are truly excited to show you our brand-new Techniquest. It really is something for us to be proud of and it will completely change your perceptions; all in very positive ways!

We understand there may be some questions you have surrounding Techniquest. Please regularly check our FAQ section for more information.

Please stand with us to ensure #EveryDayCounts and we receive the support we need during this pandemic. Share our message far and wide and donate what you can – we really are thankful for any amount you can give.

Both I and the wider Techniquest team wish you all well during these difficult times and appreciate your continued support.

Thank you.